Hand & Body? Exfoliating? Massaging? What's the difference between all 3 Soaps?

Choose between hand soaps, exfoliating or massaging soap bars

We know what you’re thinking, what kind of soap do I use? Which one is the one for me? Do I want to exfoliate my skin, cleanse it, massage it?    

Decisions, decisions.

At Saabun Soap we have selected our ingredients for their skin benefits as well as the therapeutic qualities of our essential oils. If the ingredient doesn’t benefit your skin, you won’t find it in our soaps!

We have three different types of soaps in our range. A massaging soap bar, an exfoliating soap bar and a soap bar.

The choice is yours. But read on for a three-minute walk through of different types of soaps and the soaps available at Saabun Soap.

The Soap Bar

The Classic Hand & Body Soap Bar

The humble soap bar is the oldest form of soap, and it's made from fat and lye. It's been a mainstay of hygiene for centuries. Today, bar soap has many cousins: antibacterial, deodorant, moisturizing, liquid, clear—the list is long and the properties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Needless to say, the fun decision of which one is the one for you, is very personal. At Saabun Soap, we have our favourites and so will you!

Most soap bars are scented in some way to make us feel fresh after we use them. At Saabun Soap, our soaps are scented naturally using magnolia, frankincense and ylang-ylang essential oils. We think our soaps smell amazing and come with fantastic benefits too, like reducing puffiness, calming the complexion and regulating oil production. The best part is that soaps all contain a unique blend of these essential oils so the skin benefits will always be aplenty no matter what you choose.

Follow this link to shop the Soap Bar Collection.

The Massaging Bar

The unique Massaging Soap Bar collection from Saabun Soap

Whether you're rubbing your hands together, scrubbing the dishes or washing your hair, you already know that soap is designed to be used in a circular motion. If you’re looking to give yourself a little TLC, then we highly recommend our massaging soap bar. This ergonomic soap bar has been especially designed to massage sore muscles and ease those tired muscles.

At Saabun soap we don’t just want you to cleanse we want you to experience the skin loving oils fully. And with our massaging soap range we want to bring the spa to you! This soap has been specially designed to give your circulation a boost at the same time as cleansing! Our massaging soap nodules help with muscular pain and circulation. Our soaps are hard enough to really give a massaging experience in your own home.

If you've got sore muscles or just want a spa experience, try our massaging soap bars—it might just help ease some pain in your neck!

Is the Massaging Soap Bar for you? If so shop the range here.

The Exfoliating Bar

Exfoliating Soap Bar Collection from Saabun Soap

Exfoliating soaps are rich in antioxidants. They help fight free radicals and can reduce the appearance of fine lines. At Saabun Soap our exfoliating soaps are made with naturally exfoliating loofah. 

Unlike the exfoliating scrubs you may be used to, exfoliating soaps are made from all-natural ingredients. Because of this our exfoliating soaps are suitable to be used every day, are more gentle and help remove dead skin cells! Goodbye old skin! Hello, healthy, smooth, baby-soft skin.  

Ready to get that silky smooth skin experience? Here's our range.


Our Saabun Soaps come in three soap types. There are many more types possible but we have chosen to start with a soap bar, a massaging soap bar and an exfoliating soap bar.

We love our range and the benefits of each of our soaps are immense. If you’re spoilt for choice why not try our gift boxes? They come with a range of our soaps and you can even build your own!

If you’re still unsure, you bring the biscuits and we’ll make the chai, we love talking about our soaps and take any opportunity to drop it into conversation so drop us an email and let's get have a soap-off :) info@saabunsoap.com 

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