100% Natural. Eco Friendly. And Always Skin-First.

Hello! Welcome to Saabuni, a family-run business located in the heart of Lancashire, close to the beautiful Ribble Valley. Our team is a blend of British and Indian cultures, and it is this unique blend that inspires our passion for the chemistry behind natural skincare.

Saabuni Founder and CEO Naseema

My Skin-First Obsession

When Naseema was a young girl, she often visited India where her grandma lived. She would watch her make her own soaps, cream and hair oils and wonder why she was using flowers and spices. She started helping and became obsessed. 20 years later, she opened her grandma's Ayurveda recipe formulation book and 2 years after Saabuni was born.

At Saabuni, we are passionate about soap-making and have been devoted to it since we started our journey. In addition to our soap products, we have also expanded our line to include a range of skin care products. We take pride in handcrafting every product with the utmost care, only using ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. Our dedication to natural, skin-loving ingredients is at the core of everything we do.

In fact, we believe in the benefits of natural ingredients so much that we want to share it with you!

Be sure to check out our blog - The Saabuni Soap Opera. There, you'll find updates on our products, behind-the-scenes glimpses into our soap-making process, and hints, tips, explanations and jargon busters about all things about skin.

But our love for skin care doesn't stop there. We also believe in sustainability and use eco-friendly packaging to deliver our products to you. So not only are you getting a high-quality, natural cosmetics, but you can also feel good about the environmental impact of your purchase.

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