How to Use a Kansa wand

You've heard of Gua Sha right? Well the Kansa Wand is way better - at least we think so anyway :). Read on to learn more about Kansa Wand Benefits, how to use and which technique to adopt to get the best out of your kansa wand.

How to Use a Kansa Wand

Use these 4 steps for brighter, cleaner and balanced skin.

Identify the marma points for lymphatic drainage

Step 1

After cleansing, apply 2-3 drops of face serum and identify the marma points. They are located in several places on the face.

Focus massaging the marma points once identified

Step 2

Focus your massaging on the marma points as illustrated on the image.

Kansa Wand technique focusing on marma points

Step 3

Roll the kansa wand in circular motions around the marma point and then away from the face, like you would if giving a massage.

Drain your lymph nodes at the end

Step 4

Complete the lymphatic drainage by identifying the marma points on your chest and massaging them to release the fluid.

Diagram showing how to use the Kansa wand on the body

Using the Kansa Wand on the body

If you want to use the wand on the body, simply focus the wand on the marma points in the same circular motion as you do on your face.

Once you've done this drag the wand down and up towards your heart apart from when it comes to your back, in this case push down your back.

Make sure you have enough oil applied to stop drag.

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