Bentonite Clay [Jasminum Officinalis]

An ingredient with the perfect blend of minerals to give you the softest skin.

Bentonite clay to help balance skin

Where is it from?

This mysterious clay is thought to have its origins in ancient volcanic ash beds that were laid down millions of years ago. This unique geology allows bentonite clay to absorb up to 12 times its own weight in water, making it a powerful choice for those seeking out natural and eco-friendly skincare options. Its ability to replenish moisture and provide skin with essential minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium makes bentonite clay a great option for moisturising and purifying the skin.

What are the benefits of Bentonite Clay?

  • Contains antibacterial properties to help keep the skin healthy
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and redness
  • Gives the skin a natural glow
  • Helps to balance oily skin by helping to remove excess sebum

The Story Behind The Ingredient

An ancient, volcanic ash-based clay, bentonite clay was first discovered by native American Indians and utilised as part of their traditional healing rituals. Over time, news of its skin-healing benefits spread across continents. When the Europeans arrived in North America in the 1700’s they too began to use bentonite clay for various health remedies – including skin care! Today it’s found all over the world and hailed as a practical solution for everything from brightening complexions to soothing irritation.