Dried Chamomile [Chamomilla Recutita Flower]

An ingredient packed with natural skincare remedies.

Chamomile petals to give your skin a natural glow

Where is it from?

Dried chamomile is derived from a daisy-like flower that blooms throughout Europe, North Africa and western Asia. It's no wonder this flower has been used in beauty treatments for centuries - its medicinal properties are widely known to help treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Nowadays we use it to relax with a soothing cup of tea or to add an extra boost to our skincare routine!

What are the benefits of Dried Chamomile?

  • Contains antibacterial properties which helps in treating acne
  • Contains antioxidants which helps reduce inflammation and signs of ageing
  • It has anti-fungal qualities which is perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • It gives the skin a natural glow

The Story Behind The Petal

If you’ve ever been curious about the origins of dried chamomile, you’re not alone. This beloved herb has a long and interesting history that dates back thousands of years. While most commonly known for its calming effects when brewed in tea, mainstream skincare has embraced this ancient remedy as an invaluable ingredient to combat inflammation and irritation. Ancient Egyptians were some of the earliest users of dried chamomile for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Ancient Greeks followed suit by using it in teas and potions to reduce swelling and heal wounds. Later on, Romans embraced it for its anti-inflammatory properties, often adding it to herbal baths to soothe skin aches or after too much overindulgence with wine!