Green Clay [Illite]

The perfect ingredient to guarantee you glowing skin.

Green Clay the perfect ingredient to give you glowing skin.

Where is it from?

Green clay has long been used in skincare, but where is it from? Many skincare enthusiasts know the power of green clay, which can help draw out impurities and toxins from the skin. But do you know where this magical ingredient comes from? Believe it or not, green clay is actually formed over time when rocks and sediment are exposed to heat and pressure. It’s made up of a variety of minerals including silica, aluminium, magnesium and more – giving it its unique properties. Most often found in its powder form, green clay is sourced mainly from quarries in France and other parts of Europe as well as some areas in North America.

What are the benefits of Green Clay?

  • Helps to reduce blackheads and breakouts
  • Can soften scarring left behind from past blemishes
  • It is an incredibly effective detoxifying agent
  • It gives the skin a natural glow

The Story Behind The Clay

Throughout the ages, people have been using this mineral-rich clay to improve their skin's health and appearance. In ancient times, it was used by the Egyptians and Romans to reduce inflammation, draw out impurities, and balance oily skin. During the Middle Ages in Europe, green clay was popularly used for treating wounds. In modern times, people have certainly come to appreciate this skincare staple more than ever before! It comes in many forms like powders and masks so there’s something suitable for everyone when it comes to adding some green into their beauty routine.