Menthol Crystals

The perfect ingredient to refresh and cool your skin.

Menthol Crystals has a refreshing scent and helps clear sinuses

Where is it from?

Menthol crystals are derived from the essential oils of mint plants. These crystals have a cooling and refreshing effect when applied to the skin. Mint plants are native to Europe, but they can also be found in North America and Asia. The main producer of menthol crystals is China.

What are the benefits of Menthol Crystals?

  • Creates a cooling sensation that can help relieve itchiness
  • Promotes easier breathing and relieves nasal congestion temporarily
  • Helps to soothe sore throats, sinus discomforts and alleviate fever symptoms
  • Has a refreshing scent which can help you feel more alert and awake

The Story Behind The Crystals

The refreshing, cooling sensation of menthol has been enjoyed for centuries, dating back to ancient Greece. The earliest mention of menthol comes from Theophrastus’s treatise on plants, written in the 4th century BCE. In this work, Theophrastus describes a ‘nut-bearing tree’ whose ‘fruit when chewed produces a sensation like that of snow.’ Mentha Pulegium, or pennyroyal, is thought to be the plant Theophrastus was referring to. This minty herb was used by the Greeks and Romans as a flavouring for food and drink, and also had medicinal properties. Pennyroyal was used to treat stomach aches, colds, and flatulence.