Potato Starch (Solanum Tuberosum Extract): Origins, Benefits, and Historical Significance


potato starch for skincare and wellbeing

Potato starch isn't only for cooking! Potatoes contain a hidden gem for skincare and wellbeing. Potato starch has many benefits for your skin and overall health in addition to its culinary uses. Let's explore the history, uses, and origins of this extraordinary natural extract.


Where does this versatile ingredient come from? The starch of the potato plant is used to make potato starch. The process of creating this magical ingredient begins by crushing raw potatoes which separates the starch grains from the dead cells, creating a fine and powdery substance. Over the century’s potatoes, which have their roots in South America's Andes, have gained popularity and are currently farmed in more than 100 nations around the world!


The uses of potato starch go beyond the kitchen. Potato starch offers remarkable benefits for your skin and overall well-being:

Skin Soothing: Potato starch is a natural cure for sensitive or irritated skin due to its soothing characteristics. In skincare products, it can be utilised to reduce redness and discomfort.

Oil Absorption: Potato starch helps the skin's excess oil be absorbed

Gentle Exfoliation: When mixed with other skin-nourishing products, potato starch's fine texture makes it a gentle exfoliator. Dead skin cells are removed, leaving your skin appearing renewed and invigorated.

Natural Freshness: Potato starch can be used in beauty products like body powders and facial masks. Thanks to its natural qualities, it helps the skin feel soft and supple.

Historical Significance:

Beyond its current uses, potato starch has a rich historical past. The Andean indigenous populations were among the first to use potatoes for food. The spread of potatoes from the Americas to Europe and beyond had a significant impact on global cuisines and culinary customs. Natural skincare procedures have evolved over time thanks to the extraction and use of potato starch.

Elevate Your Routine:

Potato starch provides a glimpse into the past while enhancing the present, from soothing inflamed skin to a more natural skincare routine. At Saabuni we use Potato starch in our bath bombs as an alternative to the commonly used Corn Starch. We find that as Corn Starch is moisture absorbing it may have drying affects on the skin, it is also widely considered a reason for fungal and yeast infections which can be harmful to women's health.