Ayurvedic Coconut Bath Milk

Coconut Bath Milk With Himalayan Pink Salt - Refill


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Is Himalayan salt the same as Epsom salt?

No sir-ree, they're not the same. Himalayan Pink Salt is a type of rock salt, that is rich in minerals with excellent skin benefits including keeping skin hydrated - which is why we chose it! Epsom salt however is a mineral compound, made up of magnesium sulfate. It is often used in bath salts to help with muscle aches and circulation but unlike our hero Himalayan pink salt, Epsom salts can dry your skin out.

How often should I use the bath milk?

You can use it as often as you like but if you have sensitive skin then start slowly and increase the bath as your skin gets used to it. For best results use it a few times a week.

What results can I expect to see?

Not only is is a luxurious way to bath, it also provides skin healing benefits. This includes unclogging pores, helps age gracefully (we don't use the words anti-ageing here!). It helps treat dry, dull and damaged skin and is also an excellent treatment for eczema, psoriasis and sun burn.

Is it Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Yes and yes!

How To Use

Scoop 6-8 spoonful's (spoon included) of the coconut milk bath and add to a warm bath. Step in and relax.

Careful now: Make sure the water isn't too hot and you don't bathe for too long as this can cause skin irritation. If this happens, simply rinse off with cool water.

If you have sensitive skin, start with a shorter bath time and increase gradually as your skin gets used to it.

How is it packaged?

Stainless Steel Jar - Reusable & Recyclable

Sticker at the bottom of the jar - Recyclable

Seed card - biodegradable

Delivery packaging - cardboard - recyclable, tape - recyclable, packing peanuts - biodegradable or dissolve in the sink.


Full Ingredients:

Solanum Tuberosum Starch (Potato Starch), Cocos Nucifera Milk Powder (Coconut Milk), Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarbonate of Soda), Polysorbate 80, Maris sel (Himalayan Pink Salt), Oryza Sativa Powder (Rice flour), Bentonite, Rosa Centifolia (Rose Petals), Cananga Odorata Flower Oil (Ylang Ylang Essential Oil), Santalum Album Oil (Sandalwood Essential Oil), Pinus Succinifera (Amber Essential Oil), Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract (Vanilla Essential Oil).


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