Bath Bomb Ingredients You Shouldn't Use: A Safer Alternative

Bath Bomb Ingredients You Shouldn't Use: A Safer Alternative Saabun Soap

Bath Bomb ingredients you should avoid for natural skincare


Bath bombs have become a popular indulgence for many, providing a relaxing and luxurious experience. However, not all bath bombs are created equal, and it's essential to be aware of the ingredients they contain. While some ingredients can offer benefits for the skin, others may have potential side effects. In this short blog post, we will explore one commonly used ingredient, corn starch, and discuss why it might be better to avoid it in your bath bombs. We will also introduce a safer alternative, potato starch, which provides similar benefits without the potential drawbacks.

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The Role of Corn Starch in Bath Bombs

Most bath bombs contain a combination of ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda and citric acid, which create the fizzing effect when they come into contact with water. Corn starch is often added to reduce the reaction between these ingredients, resulting in a slower fizz. Additionally, corn starch is a cost-effective choice for manufacturers due to its availability.

Drawbacks of Corn Starch in bath bombs includes thrush

Drawbacks of Corn Starch

Although corn starch has its advantages, it can potentially affect the pH level of the skin. Corn starch is naturally moisture-absorbing, which can create an environment prone to fungal infections, particularly for women. These infections can be uncomfortable and irritating. As consumers, it is important to be mindful of the potential side effects associated with the ingredients we use on our bodies.

A safer alternative is Potato Starch in bath bombs

A Safer Alternative: Potato Starch

To provide a safer alternative, we have chosen to use potato starch in our bath bombs instead of corn starch. While potato starch might be slightly more expensive to source, we believe it is the right choice for the well-being of our customers. Potato starch, like corn starch, helps reduce the reaction between ingredients, resulting in a controlled fizz. Moreover, potato starch offers several skin benefits without the potential side effects associated with corn starch.

Potato starch has great skin benefits including exfoliating

Benefits of Potato Starch

Potato starch is derived from potatoes and is known for its skin-friendly properties. It aids in the regeneration of the skin, helping to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. Furthermore, it is used in Ayurveda for its gentle exfoliating properties, brightening the skin and reducing the appearance of pigmentation, dark circles, and blemishes. It also doesn't have the negative fungal infection side effects!

Other harmful ingredients include Mica powder and glitter

Other Ingredients to Watch Out For

In addition to corn starch, there are other ingredients commonly found in bath bombs that should raise concern. These include:

  1. Artificial Fragrances: Look for the term "Parfum" on the label, as artificial fragrances can potentially cause skin sensitivities and allergic reactions. This is why all our bath bombs are scented with natural essential oils instead.

  2. Glitter: Glitter used in bath bombs is often made from plastic, which ends up in our oceans and poses a threat to marine life. Consider choosing bath bombs that offer alternative options, such as biodegradable glitter or botanical petals.

  3. Mica Powder: Mica powder, often used for its shimmering effect, is sometimes harvested unethically using child labour. Although it is possible to find bath bombs with ethically sourced mica, it isn't always so easy to trace. This is the reason we have opted for natural clay colourant instead in all our bath bombs. 

  4. Artificial Dyes: Artificial dyes used to colour bath bombs can cause skin rashes or hives in some individuals. Prioritise bath bombs that utilise natural colourants derived from plants, herbs, or clays.


When it comes to bath bombs, being aware of the ingredients they contain is crucial for your skin's well-being. While corn starch is commonly used to reduce the reaction between ingredients, it can affect the skin's pH and potentially lead to fungal infections, especially for women. By opting for bath bombs made with potato starch instead, you can enjoy similar benefits without worrying about these side effects. Remember to always check the ingredient list and choose bath bombs that prioritise natural fragrances, ethically sourced colourants, and environmentally friendly alternatives to glitter. Your skin and the planet will thank you for making informed choices.

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