The Wonders Of Marigold: All You Need To Know About Its Skin Benefits

Marigold Skincare benefits for natural skincare

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At Saabuni we know our soaps are packed with skin loving ingredients that not just look good but do good too. All of our soaps have been carefully created with months of research to make you look and feel great.

We love talking about our products. Keep reading for a three-minute focus on one of the skin-loving ingredients we use in our soaps: the Marigold flower.

Marigold soap bar naturally made

What Is Marigold?

Marigold flowers are beautiful, cheerful flowers that come in all sorts of bright, cheery colours. This flower is mainly found in hot climates but can be found growing wild in all kinds of climates and soil conditions. In the wild marigolds grow in many countries such as India, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Thailand. Marigolds are famous in east Asian countries for their many benefits. In India, marigold flowers are called “Genda or Gende ka phool” and are used to make the hair oil or soaps, while in China they are called Wànshòu jú and are used to make face masks.

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Marigold In India

The Marigold flower is known as ‘Genda or Gende ka phool” and is believed to have originated in India. It has been used for centuries for its multi-purpose uses and beneficial properties. The unique flower is seen as a symbol of happiness and is often used in religious ceremonies and celebrations. From medicinal purposes like treating wounds, swelling or skin concerns to decorative purposes such as dying fabrics, as make-up, or even to prepare food and tea, the marigold flower is cherished across many regions of India. In India, and particularly in Hindu ceremonies, the Marigold flower is used for auspicious occasions like Pujas and weddings. Its radiant hues of bright yellow and orange are considered symbolic of the sun’s energy and vitality and are meant to also dispel negativity.

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How Is Marigold Used In Skincare?

For centuries, the flowers and leaves of the marigold plant have been used to make lotions, creams, and soaps. Marigold is a natural astringent, which means it helps to tighten and tone the skin. Marigold is also a natural healer, which means it helps to promote the healing of wounds and skin irritations.

The marigold flower is a source of lutein, an antioxidant. Lutein is beneficial for the skin because it scavenges harmful free radicals, which can damage cells and contribute to skin aging. Additionally, lutein is known to promote skin health by helping to maintain moisture levels and preventing inflammation, discoloration, and scars.

Flavonoids that are present in the flowers of Marigold are said to be linked to the treatment of inflammation. For the skin, Marigold has been used to treat inflammation, sensitivity, redness and even dryness. Both its essential oil and distilled floral water are considered highly effective to reduce damage caused by UV radiation and prevent signs of ageing.

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Ayurvedic Benefits Of Marigold

In Ayurveda, Marigold is considered cooling in nature and thus balancing for Pitta as well as Kapha Doshas. It has a bitter and astringent taste.

Traditionally, a paste of the Marigold leaf would be applied on the body to treat muscle pain as it is anti-inflammatory. Due to the cooling effect of the marigold flower, it has also been used to treat acne and sun burn on the skin.

Marigold benefits for ayurvedic skin benefits

Further Marigold Health Benefits

Marigold flowers promote skin healing, are a natural antiseptic and a great source of antioxidants. They can be eaten, drank or used in skin care. As well as our marigold range, we have found this easy sunburn salve recipe. Give it a try and benefit from the flower power of this amazing plant.

Marigold Soap bar collection for natural skincare


If you are as blown away as we were when we learnt about the huge benefits of this humble flower, check out our marigold range here. Marigold is available in massaging, exfoliating and hand and body soap. Don’t stop there though, if you still want to learn about how we add marigolds into our soap, join us for a chai and a chat! We love hearing from you.

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