Jasmine Body Butter Enriched With Jojoba Oil

Inspired by India, handmade in the UK, all our soaps use ingredients known to benefit the skin from India.

Inspired in India

All our core flavours are inspired by the skin benefits of India's most popular spices and flowers.

We use natural ingredients only in all our cosmetics including essential oils instead of fragrance oil and no toxins or parabens at all.

Natural & Recyclable

We only use 100% natural ingredients in our products and use eco-friendly packaging to deliver them.

we're wild about you, that's why we include wild flower seeds with every order of Saabuni Indian cosmetics inspired by nature, perfect for accentuating natural beauty.

We're wild about you

Every order comes with wild flower seeds in paper form. Plant your paper and watch it blossom.

Customer Reviews

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Lex Cahill
Jasmine and Rose Body Cream

Purchased this from the pop up stall in John Lewis. Very nourishing and I love the fragrance. Been using it everyday and have had comments at work about how good I smell. Will definitely try more of the range. Super customer service too.