Breathe & Chill Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Breathe & Chill Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - Twin Pack


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Made me feel so much better

I used the Breathe shower steamer when I was sick and felt congested. It really helped to open up my airways and I felt quite refreshed afterwards. Would defo recommend

Why we're obsessed


Includes a balanced blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint Essential Oils & Menthol Crystals to help clear sinuses and banish your cold for good! Click here to find out more.


Take some time out and look after Number one. We've made the perfect chill out shower steamer with all the aromatherapy benefits of Lavender and Chamomile to help you unwind after a long day. Click here to find out more.

Essentially You

The Shower Steamer Collection includes only natural fragrances (Essential Oils).

Our Essential Oils have been carefully picked for the best Aromatherapy experience. The perfect addition to your 'Self care' routine, essential oils included in these products are:


• Eucalyptus - Refreshing
• Peppermint - Cooling & Mentally clarifying
• Lemon - Refreshing & Stimulating
• Rosemary - Calming & Emotionally balancing
• Menthol Crystals - OK strictly not an Essential Oil :) but they promote easier breathing, relieve nasal congestion and alleiviate sinus discomforts


• Lavender - Comforting & promotes sleep
• Ylang Ylang - promotes rest & balances mood
• Chamomile - Comforting
• Sandalwood - Grounding & promotes positive well-being

What Is it Good For? Absolutely...a lot of things

Breathe Shower Steamer is perfect for:

• Clearing your airways
• Soothing cold and flu symptoms
• A big cuddly hug when you need it the most

The Chill Shower Steamer is perfect for:

• After a long day
• Post gym

How To Use

How long a shower steamer lasts depends on how much water it comes into contact with - the more water, the shorter the lifespan. Steaming releases the scent and oils inside, so it's important to keep this in mind when using one. For the best aromatherapy experience simply pop one on the shower floor or hung up in a cloth bag at face level. Avoid placing the steamer in the area directly under the water stream or it will dissolve too quickly. For the best aromatherapy experience close windows, doors and turn off any bathroom fans. 


Base Ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Solanum Tuberosum Starch (Potato Starch), Citric Acid, Polysorbate 80, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Algin (Sodium Alginate), Calcium Lactate.

Breathe: Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil (Eucalyptus Essential Oil), Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil), Citrus Limon Peel Oil (Lemon Essential Oil), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (Rosemary Essential Oil), Menthol Crystals.

Chill: Lavandula Angustifolial (Lavender Essential Oil), Cananga Odorata Flower Oil (Ylang Ylang Essential Oil), Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil (Chamomile Essential Oil), Santalum Album Oil (Sandalwood Essential Oil).


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