Mental Health Awareness Week: Embracing Self-Care with a Pinch of Saabuni Spice

It's mental health awareness week, and we're inviting you to join our Ayurvedic Mental Health challenge – a seven-day journey to cultivate joy, tranquillity, and overall well-being, seasoned with a pinch of Saabuni spice.

Day 1 - Bath & Body Duo

Let's kick things off by cultivating Sattva, the practice of joy, tranquillity, and self-care.

Our Coconut Bath Milk is a detoxifying delight, packed with essential oils to uplift your mood:

  • Amber to soothe stress and anxiety (because who needs that extra baggage?)
  • Ylang Ylang to bid farewell to sadness and tension 
  • Sandalwood for a spiritual boost 
  • Vanilla to relax your mind and body (ahhh, sweet serenity!)

And our Jasmine Body Butter is a ”scentsational” treat, infused with:

  • Rose Geranium for relaxation and emotional stability 
  • Jasmine to ease anxiety and nervousness (bye-bye, jitters!)

You can also save when you buy both together.

Day 2 - Balanced Diet

Ayurveda believes in the power of a nourishing diet for mental well-being, so let's get our plates in order:

• Eat fresh, seasonal, and whole foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds

• Minimise the processed, fried, and artificial food, as well as excessive salt, sugar, and caffeine (because nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life)

• Spice things up with warming spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, and ginger, for all their  anti-inflammatory goodness!

• Stay hydrated with water and herbal teas 

• Eat mindfully, savouring each bite and avoiding distractions during meals 

Introduce Aromatherapy in the shower or bath

Add these essential oils to your living spaces or bathrooms to boost your mood when you need it the most.

In your shower or bath you can try our shower steamers and bath bombs which are made with essential oils like: 

Lavender for relaxation

Peppermint for an energising boost

Lemon for anxiety relief

Rosemary for mental clarity

Bergamot, ylang ylang, and sweet orange for mood-boosting

Day 4 - Quality Sleep

Ayurveda knows the importance of quality sleep for mental health, so let's get our beauty rest game on point:

• Aim for a consistent sleep schedule, going to bed around 10 PM and waking up around 6 AM 

• Say goodbye to distractions and create a calming sleep environment by keeping your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet.

• Engage in relaxing activities before bed like reading, taking a warm bath, or practising gentle yoga or meditation

• Avoid stimulating activities like watching TV, using electronic devices, or engaging in intense exercise close to bedtime 

• Use a relaxing Pillow Mist or the Jasmine Body Butter to set the stage for sweet dreams.

Day 5 - Self-Massage (Abhyanga)

It's time to embrace the ancient practice of Abhyanga, or self-massage with warm oil using these five easy steps:

• Use an Ayurvedic Body Oil or your favourite plant-based oil like sesame, coconut, or almond oil

• Warm the oil up slightly before applying it to your skin 

• Start at the soles of your feet and work your way up, using long, gentle strokes towards your heart 

• Pay special attention to areas of tension or dryness 

• Finish with a warm shower or bath to remove excess oil and leave your skin feeling nourished, rejuvenated and  glowing. 

Day 6 - Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation (or prayer) are integral to Ayurvedic approaches for managing stress and promoting mental clarity:

• find your inner zen by starting your day with a few minutes of deep breathing or meditation 

• Practice mindfulness throughout the day by staying in the now, do this by engaging your senses 

• Consider joining a local meditation group or using guided meditation apps or videos 

• Incorporate mindful movement practices like prayer, yoga or tai chi 

• Set the scene by using candles or Incense Sticks to set the mood for your practice 

Day 7 - Stay Connected

Ayurveda recognises the importance of social connections for mental health, so let's embrace virtual hangouts, meaningful conversations, and a sense of community 

• Schedule quality time through regular video calls or virtual hangouts with friends and loved ones 

• Join online communities or support groups related to your interests or experiences 

• Spread your personal brand of joy and engage in acts of kindness or volunteer work, even if it's virtual or from a distance. 

• Share your experiences and insights from this Ayurvedic Mental Health challenge with others, fostering a sense of community and support.

• Use a gratitude journal or affirmation cards to cultivate a positive mindset and appreciate the connections in your life. 

We hope this Ayurvedic Mental Health challenge inspires you to prioritise self-care and cultivate a sense of joy, tranquillity, and overall well-being, all while adding a pinch of Saabuni spice to your routine. Remember, small steps can lead to significant positive changes in your mental health journey (because self-care is a journey, not a destination!).


Questions and Answers

Can I follow this challenge if I'm not familiar with Ayurveda?

Absolutely! This challenge is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their Ayurvedic knowledge (or lack thereof). Think of it as a fun, self-care adventure with a touch of ancient wisdom.

Do I need to purchase all the Saabuni products mentioned?

Nope, not at all! While we've highlighted some of our products that can enhance your self-care experience, the challenge is all about adopting healthy habits and practices. Feel free to adapt and improvise based on your preferences and resources.

Can I continue these practices after the challenge ends?

Definitely, self-care is a lifelong journey! These practices are meant to be sustainable and beneficial for long-term mental well-being. We encourage you to incorporate the ones that resonate with you into your daily routine, even after the challenge concludes.

Is there a specific order I should follow for the daily recommendations?

No, feel free to mix it up! The daily recommendations are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your schedule and preferences. Combine, rearrange, or follow them in any order that works for you.

Can I share my experience with others participating in the challenge?

Absolutely! We encourage you to connect with fellow participants, share your experiences, and support one another on this journey towards better mental health and self-care. Don't forget to share on social media to join the conversation

In conclusion

We hope this Ayurvedic Mental Health challenge inspires you to prioritise self-care and cultivate a sense of joy, tranquillity, and overall well-being, all while adding a pinch of Saabuni spice to your routine. Remember, small steps can lead to significant positive changes in your mental health journey (because self-care is a journey, not a destination!)